Sunnymead Court

by Gemma Lawrence

The World Premiere of Gemma Lawrence’s SUNNYMEAD COURT at the Actors Centre and streamed live online 22nd September- 3rd October 2020.


“It’s been hot for days and now the air is heavy with the promise of something else. Thick. With something else.”

From her balcony, Marie blasts out the same tune, every day at 11am. On hers, Stella tends to red geraniums bursting with colour and life.

Two tower blocks facing each other. Two women who are looking for something more.

After a chance encounter in a hailstorm, they start to embark on a new relationship conducted from the safety of their balconies. But when a flurry of miscommunication jeopardises their relationship, will they have the courage to make it work in a world that is changing faster than ever?


The Team

Director- James Hillier
Lighting & Video- Will Monk
Sound- Max Pappenheim

Movement- Chi San Howard

Producer- Jack Holden

Assistant Director- Ewa Dina

Stage Manager- Anna Townsend

Graphic Designer- Ben
Productions Photos- Lidia Crisafulli


Cast- Gemma Lawrence & Remi Milner



Full of fun tidbits of theatrical innovation. A fleet 45 minutes of wonderful creativity. 



Another glimmer of light in this godawful year.

 The Arts Desk


Intricately crafted… deft direction… sensational. 

The Stage


This is a queer romance that is beautifully and sensitively portrayed. 

A Younger Theatre

Reminds us of the joys and love of live theatre. 

The Guardian