Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell

by Keith Waterhouse

“It’s all going to change, starting to-fucking-day. It’s new leaf time! From now on it’ll be gin instead of vodka, Capstan Full Strength instead of Senior Service and the French Pub instead of the Coach and Horses ………”

Meet Jeffrey Bernard… notorious and feckless Soho face. A journalist who doesn’t know the meaning of the word deadline and would much rather be drinking vodka on the rocks in his favourite Soho watering holes. A throwback of a man who after four marriages and a life of non-stop carousing is starting to feel a touch jaded. Having fallen asleep in the Gents and waking up in the middle of the night inside the legendary Coach and Horses on Greek Street, Jeffrey Bernard is not a man to waste the deserted hours ahead of him before Norman the landlord, opens up again in the morning. 

Don’t miss the chance to down a pint in Norman’s Coach and Horses whilst this Soho legend puts a few (many!) drinks on the tab and regales us with stories of busted bookies, failed marriages, illegal cat-racing and introduces us to his favourite pub trick involving a pint glass, match-box and raw egg.








Direction- James Hillier

Design- Lucy Wheeler

 Sound- Max Pappenheim 

Assistant Director- Aime Neeme

Landlord and Immersive Concept- Alastair Choat

Head of venue operations- Hollie Choat

Executive Producer- Christine Cowen

Consulting Producer- Matt Schmolle

Assistant Producer- Flora MacKeddie

Casting – Annie Rowe CDA