Blue Surge

By Rebecca Gilman

The UK premiere of Gilman’s play which looks at the challenging questions regarding the class struggle in America today. This moving love story between cops and hookers is a tale of expectations missed and overcome, a play about the narratives we all write for ourselves and how fortune and single moments can change our lives.

The Team

Director- Che Walker
Designer- Gorgia Lowe
Lighting- Neil Winkworth
Costume- Rachel Szmukler
Producer- Mark Cartwright
Production Photos- Nobby Clark

Cast- Kelly Burke, Samantha Coughlan, Alex Guiney, James Hillier, Clare Latham


Director Ché Walker keeps it simple, letting Rebecca Gilman’s complex, absorbing script do the talking… a sober and heartfelt portrayal of the American poverty trap… A fine cast.

Time OutCritics Chocie


This is an evening of great theatre.

The Times


Rebecca Gilman is an American dramatist who writes about hot topics with unsensational honesty… Ché Walker’s production hits exactly the right note of pained intimacy.

The Guardian 


James Hillier oozes a raw masculine sexuality as Curt, almost haunted by his decency and unable to believe that things could ever really be different for him, and connecting beautifully with Clare Latham’s Sandy, an Ellen Page-like performance of quirky normality.

The Public Reviews


This is the UK premiere of a play first presented in Chicago in 2001, and it’s surprising that it has taken so long to come here.

Evening Standard


This a play in which the American Dream suffers an eclipse, caused by the reality of poverty, although the sun of optimism occasionally peeks out.

The Arts Desk