A Lie of the Mind


The Times ★★★★★

“Sam Shepard shows his richness as a dramatist.”

Time Out ★★★★

“James Hillier’s revival is haunting and unsettling; a search for love and purpose played out against a haze of love and regret.”

London Theatre1 ★★★★

“Exceptional onstage performers who have been provided with a clear artistic vision.”

Theatre Weekly ★★★★

Passionate and believable.”

Theatre Bubble ★★★★

“Defibrillator have a splendid cast that serve the play with grit and focus.”

Jack the Lad ★★★★

“Comedic moments shine through.” 

“Glitters with despair and devastation.”

Theatre World

“A gripping study of two families.”

Once A Week Theatre

“Slow-burning, haunting family drama.”




America. The great wide open.

Two families torn apart by more than one brutal marriage. Out of this bleak landscape emerges a human spirit that burns bright in its fight for salvation.

At heart a love story, this funny and gritty play explores the ambivalence of family relationships, of love lost and found, against the backdrop of a macho American West. With a Coen Brothers off-beat humour, dark and mystical A Lie of the Mind was written by Sam Shepard at the height of his powers.

In 2017, with a post-truth President in the White House, this play which charts the carnage that ensues from self-deception is as relevant now as when first performed in 1985. 


“Mr. Shepard’s richest and most penetrating play, a 20th-century masterwork of a family portrait.” NEW YORK TIMES